Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shall We Date?: Destiny Ninja - Kazemasa Hattori Hanzo Walkthrough

Kazemasa Hattori Hanzo Walkthrough
*The choices below increase affection. The heart moves up one for the love state meter, bringing it towards the sweet love ending. The opposite choices decrease affection, bringing the heart down the love state meter. CG's only appear if you select the sweet choices; if you choose the opposite, the CG would not be available in the album.
Chapter 1
- I'll go with you
- Thanks for the help
Chapter 2
- I have nothing to lose
- I can walk by myself
Chapter 3
- Could he actually be nice?
- Please eat something, too.
Chapter 4
- Continue protecting Shizuka.
- It's because of you.
Chapter 5
- Kazemasa Hattori Hanzo
- I'm worried about you
Chapter 6
- Don't over do it
- Have Hanzo decide
Chapter 7
- I want to fulfill my destiny
Chapter 8
- Open your eyes
- It was by Kazemasa's power
Chapter 9
- If you get hurt, Kazemasa...
- Go back to your village
Chapter 10
- He's the most important thing I have
- I refuse
Chapter 11
- Don't apologize
- We're here for you!
Final Chapter
- No answer choices

Sweet Love Ending ~
Love Letters


  1. Hey! ^^ I'm sorry for disturbing you, but i would love to ask you one thing: here, like in the other games "Shall we date?", there are two choiche.
    Which one is the right one to gain the highest "love meter"?
    Thank you :D

    1. Hi there, you're not disturbing me at all :) Are you referring to Destiny Ninja or the other apps in the Shall We Date series? If you're referring to Destiny Ninja, the walkthroughs I made are for the sweet choices which brings the heart up the love meter. But if you select the opposite choices, the heart would move down the love meter and give you a different end. I hadn't played NTT Solmare's other social apps like Ninja Love for Gree or My Sweet Prince so I can't answer anything about that. If you aren't following a walkthrough, I would advise to select the choice that brings a better reaction to the candidate. Hope that answers your question. (∩_∩)

  2. Does any of you knows how is the other ending? When the game started I understood that the "lover dovey" ending was supossed to be a bit more "kinky" or "wild", specially because of the pictures that were on each side of the love metter, the sweet one showed like a cute kiss, and the other one was a nude couple so...? Any clues?

    1. You can check the application Menu > Help > How many story endings are there? to see the details of the different endings but I'll summarize it here. Similar to what you mentioned, there are four endings: 1) Sweet Love Ending (Happy: Sweet state) - emotional, Secret Love End (Sweet: Lovey Dovey state) - flirtatious and a bit lustful, Lovesick End (Dark: green state) - conflict occurs, and Hidden Love (Secret: green state) - continuation of Lovesick end where conflict is resolved and romance deepens. Even though I don't play anymore, I used to go for the sweet love endings and occasionally purchased one or two secret love ends so I'm not sure what the other two are like. Hope that helps :)

  3. I wonder if you could help me with a bit of a technical problem. I'm at the pass checkpoint in chapter 11 and I need to buy 4 passes with zeni. I have enough but when I press buy nithing happens... Do you know what the problem could be?
    Best regards/Malin

    1. Hi Malin, I hadn't played Destiny Ninja for a few months now so I'm not sure I can help with technical problems. Perhaps there is an email for Destiny Ninja that you can contact if this problem still occurs. I'm sorry I couldn't be of help.

  4. I feel some help with the game.. I just started it and I finished the tutorial and it brought me to the "claim rewards" page. I clicked on both of the options it gave me. Such as "go to my page" and "my item list." But nothing happened except bringing me to the rewards page before. Help? :c